Since I’ve been unemployed, I’ve caught up on all of my podcast subscriptions, cut my Instapaper collection in half (only ~715 items left!), and been regularly clearing my rss reader’s unreads. I feel good about this.

@garpu 99pi, SYMIHC, and Kakos Industries were the ones I was massively behind on, plus I had a dozen single episodes saved for tryouts. Added Wolf 359 from tryouts, so now have 80+ episodes to cover, but that’s ok.

@tithonium gotcha. I fall behind on the summer because of the AC unit next to me.

@garpu I go thru cycles, generally, but my media consumption the last several years has been spotty at best. Entire tv series have come and gone and just piled up in my queue. Getting out of old job has improved things, but not back to normal yet. Hopefully new job won’t reverse the trend.

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