That was my first palmtop. Followed by a Poqet PC, then an HP 95LX. I don鈥檛 have either of those anymore, but I do have a 100LX I bought off eBay in the early Aughts and used for blogging.

I had the 95LX when I started college. I know this because first summer semester (technically between high school and college), I took an Assembly class and would do the homework on it during class. Had MASM on a PCMCIA card.

We鈥檇 get the assignment for next class at the start, then he鈥檇 explain how to actually do it. I鈥檇 sit in the back and just /do/ it. Once followed the instructor out during his smoke break to point out an error in the assignment, which he corrected when we resumed.

He was my favorite college instructor. Good guy.

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