🎡 What did I ever do so wrong 🎡
🎡 That you should cast me from grace 🎡
🎡 Though I love to rule in Hell here 🎡
🎡 How I miss the taste of Heaven 🎡
🎡 Its soft and cool embrace 🎡
🎡 If I were a big boy 🎢 I wouldn't cry 🎡
🎡 But since I'm not a big boy 🎡
🎡 I'll have to close my eyes 🎢 and picture what it's like 🎡

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The Clacks

Welcome to The Clacks

Named after the transcontinental communications network from Terry Pratchett's Discworld.

Neither Deluge Nor Ice Storm Nor The Black Silence Of The Netherhells Shall Stay These Messengers About Their Sacred Business. Do Not Ask Us About Sabre-Tooth Tigers, Tar Pits, Big Green Things With Teeth, Or The Goddess Czol.