When I first joined Twitter, I did so so I could communicate with people I wanted to communicate with. Pushed to get friends to join, so we could all share. Then Twitter became very much a write-only platform. Long before I left, I viewed it as nothing more than screaming into the void.

Now I'm on mastodon, and it's pretty much the same. But at least it's _my_ void I'm screaming into. And maybe people will see some of it, maybe they won't. Whatever.

The blog, on the other hand, is as much for my own "wtf was I doing then?" as anybody else's, and some people - for reasons that are entirely mysterious to me - seem to want to know. So, there we go.

The newsletter, on the other hand, I never had any idea what to do with. I even asked, in the newsletter itself, what it should be for, and never really got much of an answer.

Almost two weeks ago I set a monthly reminder to myself to write something for it. I've pushed it out by a week twice now. I still have no ideas.

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