TFW when an opportunity you've been dying for gets idly tossed into your lap and you can't possibly take it at that moment.

The best part of the room that's going to be my new home office is that a) there's no floor above it, just a roof deck, b) there's a carport roof _right_ outside the windows on one side, and c) there's a storage shed outside the windows on another side. When it rains, I can really hear it. <3 <3 <3

To be clear, I'm looking for a _recommendation_. "I found this particularly easy to use and easy on resource consumption", not "let me google that for you".

Can anybody recommend a decent lightweight agent-based server monitoring system? Something I can run on ubuntu bare metal, ubuntu vpcs, raspbian, armbian, etc? Just want basics like uptime, load, cpu temp, storage use. all reported to a central host so I can build a status board.

No, google, when I search "agented server monitoring" I meant _the opposite_ of "agentless server monitoring", tyvfm.

If you don't provide an rss feed, you're not a news site, you're an advertising site.

Making what I hope are good choices, but which I assume, since I'm making them, are going to end up bad choices.

Nope, definitely too depressed for significant life decisions. Maybe tomorrow.

Tore through the murderbot series in the past 18 hours. Need more.

Extremely disappointed it's still impossible to find downloadable copies of the first few years of Wired magazine. Maybe it's available on some pirate site I don't have access to, but nowhere I can actually _find_,. Hell, I'd even pay Wired for copies, but their app only lets me go back to 2010.

If you're running docker on linux (on ubuntu, at least), be careful today: I ran package upgrades and docker-compose stopped working properly.

the workaround here was successful for me:

Either there's less of a market for free/cheap slightly-old thru obsolete electronics than I'd expect, or I need a wider follower base.

Pro tip: eat your starbursts with the skin on. it contains nutrients

Downside to owning grownup furniture: it鈥檚 heavy and moving it by ones self may seem like a good idea before and possibly even during, but after can be described using various forms of the word 鈥渞egret鈥.

An iPhone 6 apparently has zero tradein value. Anybody want one?

Ugh. Canary mail updated and the new interface is as bad as the last mail app I abandoned. Time to start hunting for a new one. Again.

"Tainted Love," but instead of those two strong chords punctuating it, there's a goose.

Sometimes I feel I've got to~

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