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Just to be 100% clear: "Full Stack" is bullshit. It means you're looking to pay someone once for two jobs, and/or it means you want someone mediocre at both. Back end and front end are very different types of skills, and it's damned near impossible to specialize in both while staying current on new developments. If someone _can_ do it, you should be paying them well north of 200.

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If you don't provide an rss feed, you're not a news site, you're an advertising site.

Hm. Normally my inappropriately-violent fantasies focus on politicians.

I'm watching Disenchantment part4, and I don't know if it's just because it's been so long since I watched the previous parts, but it seems like everybody became a much bigger dick since part3.

This is an abnormal situation, but I'm currently laying in bed and within reach is one of each size of currently available iPad, and that struck me as funny.

As I recall there were a lot of lcars-look apps in the early days of the App Store. Not so many now. And all of them always miss the important point of lcars: customizable UI.

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In physical form, the current generation of iPad mini might be the closest we've yet come to TNG-era PADDs.

Went to QFC, got water and butter. Went to BK, got dinner. Went to Safeway, got rest of groceries. Got home, unloaded car, am now tired and no longer hungry. [stares at barely touched burger]

Cool. Now I get to go pick up groceries while mad.

(work stuff)

I wish, when putting in a grocery order, that I could select not only no substitutions, but also if this one item isn’t available, cancel the entire order.

Now I need to go to a different grocery store to pick up distilled water and butter, before going to the grocery store to pick up my grocery order.

I'm now getting twitter ads for ADHD "management" software.

Feeling very attacked.

Ok, yeah, all done. And almost nothing got fucked up. And nothing _important_ got fucked up.

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But, that's fixed and everything seems to be working!

I think.

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Well, finally installed the new ENIAC-generated bind config and zonefiles and everything worked EXCEPT I couldn't query anything else from home. Because I didn't include my external IP in the allow-recursive set. oops.

This episode has me pricing out a new Mac Studio anyway, and yeah, I could afford it, esp with today's vesting. but I was really kinda hoping to wait until they came out with an M2 Ultra chip for it.

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Deleted everything related to the app and reinstalled and it seems to be working again. Starting to suspect I've got a hard drive problem and corruption is setting in.

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Well, awesome. Now not only is Chrome being flaky on Eltanin, but Airmail won't actually render any emails anymore.

I really wanted to wait until the house was sold to replace this desktop, but if it's not _usable_...

“She’s got an invisible parachute.” “I… am gonna choose not to question that.”

(Started HQ S3)

I see a lot of people complaining about how "RSS readers went away." It's a bit baffling, because they didn't. You just stopped using them 🤷

Oh, cool, body armor adds in my twitter feed.

Gods bless America.

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