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Just to be 100% clear: "Full Stack" is bullshit. It means you're looking to pay someone once for two jobs, and/or it means you want someone mediocre at both. Back end and front end are very different types of skills, and it's damned near impossible to specialize in both while staying current on new developments. If someone _can_ do it, you should be paying them well north of 200.

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If you don't provide an rss feed, you're not a news site, you're an advertising site.

Fuck policy, I'm naming it Oort and will just have to live with the guilt.

Considered naming it after one of the really-distant dwarf planets, but I've already used 'sedna' and 'farfarout' is a stupid name.

Setting up a new computer, which is going to act as a reverse proxy to internally hosted web servers. It's going to take Oort's old external IP, and given it's role (on the edge of the network as it were) I'm tempted to name it Oort, but I also have a policy against reusing names.

How it started: "I should read this document."
How it ended: Just bought a 4pack of LED replacements for a halogen bulb in my office, along with actual halogens in case the LEDs don't work out.

Hm, I have two and a half hours until my first meeting of the day. That's enough time to [email ding. "cancelling because I'm ooo"] ... Hm, I have three hours until my first meeting of the day...

Ok, solution noted, and a reminder set to implement it tomorrow during wakey time. Now to continue the positive feedback loop that is my horrible sleep cycle.

Fuck. I was JUST about to roll over and try to sleep, and then I figured out a deployment problem I’d been trying to solve on a personal project a week ago and hadn’t thought about since.

Thinking my best bet would be to take a lot of sleep medicine and stay off twitter for the rest of the day. Or month.

Except I’ve met myself.

Is there anything useful I can turn an iPhone 6/6s into? Would love to put Linux on it and use it as a low power server, but that looks to be not worth attempting.

The biggest problem with having a job is that screaming incoherent rage at a country run by and for monsters is considered disruptive during sprint planning.

My Oura notifies me when bedtime is approaching. It uses my actual activity trends to decide when I sleep and when I wake.

I'm not pleased that it's telling me "Bedtime is approaching!" at 18:45.

Three pharmacies, trying to find the consumable I need to stay alive. In a shocking turn of events, Walgreens failed to fuck me over.

After waiting in line for 15 minutes, turns out Safeway won’t sell you needles without a fucking prescription

Call me crazy but I think a pharmacy should have more than one box of pen needles on hand. And it shouldn’t already be open.

Why are Audible downloads always so slow? They're barely a tenth of my available bandwidth at the best of times.

It’s barely after 19, but I already want to go to sleep.

Also tfw the Workday app overlaps all the text so you can’t read it anyway.

TFW you get a notification of peer feedback and don't want to read it because it'll either be praise you don’t feel you deserve or criticism you can’t cope with at the moment. Or, worse, both.

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