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Just to be 100% clear: "Full Stack" is bullshit. It means you're looking to pay someone once for two jobs, and/or it means you want someone mediocre at both. Back end and front end are very different types of skills, and it's damned near impossible to specialize in both while staying current on new developments. If someone _can_ do it, you should be paying them well north of 200.

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If you don't provide an rss feed, you're not a news site, you're an advertising site.

Meanwhile, I’m laying here thinking about the things I miss from the Beforetimes. Why am I craving making out with somebody and going to the home show EQUALLY?

Maybe I should see if anybody wants to go to the home show and make out in a demo home.

Nap failed. Almost fell asleep, now wide awake. Exhausted but wide awake. I hate you, brain, you suck.

Ok, I can’t even pay attention to a mindless action movie. Time for nap.

75min after second shot I’m feeling as bad as I did 3hr after first.

How you can tell nobody uses Swarm anymore: I just became mayor of my vaccination site.

So, I did something silly. Inspired by, I ordered the 32" eink display.

Now I need to build a collection of art that looks good in 9:16 vertical 16-level greyscale.

I should rephrase that: I'm tempted to see who would be interested in going to an amc theatre that I had rented out.

It's not like it's expensive, but I've met my friends.

I get my second shot today. In theory, I could go to a movie next month. I miss going to the movies.

I'm tempted to see who would be interested in renting out an entire amc theatre with me.

Back is doing much better today. Which is to say I can walk around without wanting to scream. Still hurts, but not nearly as much. So that's good.

Meanwhile I think I’ve taken nearly two grams of gabapentin today. And I’m still waiting for the post-dinner cyclobenzaprine to kick in.

Don’t get old, kids. It’s not worth it.

Nearly two years ago my back started acting up and it got to the point where I could barely walk, and that only if I put most of my weight on crutches. Guess what started again last night. Hope it gets better before I have to go stand in line at CVS on Wednesday.

Phrased another way, what's the centripetal acceleration for an object in a circle with radius 40856km and a rotational period of 88775s?

I'm trying to math, but my back hurts and it's distracting. Can someone tell me what the experienced centrifugal force would be for a person standing on the outer end of a martian space elevator, assuming the anchor stone has negligible mass?

Or, given my questionable grasp of word order today, perhaps I should avoid writing code.

Dear brain: You should work on Convivius, not a SixMore rewrite. You don't need to long recreate a defunct replica of a longer defunct social non-media website right now, that is not what the world needs.

The massive downside to going to bed early is the waking up early.

I am exactly 0% surprised that now, when I can finally afford to buy the Tesla X I've wanted for years, the deal has gotten much worse than it was even six months ago. But I _am_ disappointed.

And yet, for the features I'm looking for, it's still the best option available.

I might test drive a mach-e first, tho.

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