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Just to be 100% clear: "Full Stack" is bullshit. It means you're looking to pay someone once for two jobs, and/or it means you want someone mediocre at both. Back end and front end are very different types of skills, and it's damned near impossible to specialize in both while staying current on new developments. If someone _can_ do it, you should be paying them well north of 200.

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If you don't provide an rss feed, you're not a news site, you're an advertising site.

Ok, caught up on Mandalorian and Harley Quinn. Almost started in on The Expanse, but I think I want to wait until I can tear thru it all at once. So, tomorrow or Sunday.

And so now of course the fridge is acting up.

Fucking. Awesome.

So, I could have slept better, but adapting to a new bed always takes a bit, and brand new pillows AND brand new linen sheets didn't help at all, but I still hurt less today than I usually do, so I'm calling it a massive win.

Hello, I’m the reel2bits project developper, a #FOSS self-hostable #soundcloud like with #ActivityPub federation.

It’s written in python/flask/vuejs and I need help because of health issues I’m unable to work a lot on it anymore, if you are interested to help me on some of the issues and more specially the ActivityPub part, you can contact me through:

the project matrix channel
the issue tracker
this account

boosts appreciated, thanks.


I have my new bed! I am so happy. And so very comfy. I may never get up. I live here now.

BBC reports Tories are on track to win. So that’s awesome. ::/

L is listening to The Hidden Almanac and is currently somewhere in 2015. “There is nothing arcane about sharpie!” Hehehe

Oh FFS. Purple says it’ll be another four or five business days before I get my bed. It’s already BEEN three business days and five ACTUAL days I’ve been without a bed.

Literally every time Come As You Are starts playing, I have to go re-watch that scene from Captain Marvel.

Guh. I feel like complete crap today. Physically _and_ mentally.

This generic RBC7 replacement battery is available via Subscribe And Save. ... if I needed to replace them every 6 months, i'd definitely need them to cost less.

On the plus side, the generic is $5 cheaper than last time I bought it. Name brand is $40 more than last time. Good job, APC.

[sigh] main server ups is telling me it wants a new battery. damnit, those things are heavy and expensive.

Protip: When rewiring your server rack, keep track of which identical-to-all-the-other cables you just pulled from one switch and put into the other, to avoid plugging a switch into itself. They don't like that.

Ordered some network switches this morning, same day delivery. Supposed to be delivered by 10pm, which, sure, ok, that's definitely same day, if less useful than I was hoping. Got "on the way" notification an hour or two ago, but tracking shows them sitting somewhere in cottage lake. o_O

Got my gaming rig set up at last. It's been offline for nearly two months.

65 games to install and/or upgrade on Steam.

Granted, it's not like I expected any different, but I'm pretty disappointed I still don't have a bed. And, at this rate, almost certainly won't before Monday, or probably later.

And of course I can't find the power supplies for my monitors. ::P

What I'd _like_, is for Pilot to end up having to pay to have a new bed put on a fedex plane, flown here, and delivered same bloody day. Because when you fuck up you should have to fix it.

But who am I kidding? This is America.

Ok. Purple is Investigating. And may be sending me a replacement. Which, I just have to assume, probably wont' be here for a couple days.

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