I'd switch my personal theme song from Coulton's Skullcrusher Mountain to Gaga's Applause, but I'm afraid my employers might take it into consideration when deciding on my pay raises.

I finally found one of the @tootapp Easter eggs - a beautifully rendered billiards game with balls made from friend avatars!

Not counting the constellations that hide behind the instance switcher and change over time...

The phrase "first world problem" has always bugged me. The whole first/third/etc world thing, really.

So maybe I'll start using instead, as I complain about the problems with convenient internet based food delivery services.

Re: Drive - I'm kinda baffled by some of the comments that express surprise. I mean, this wasn't even _telegraphed_, it was JUMBOTRONED. It was Vogon planted-wide PA'd. How didn't you see this coming?

"2 files failed to validated and will be reacquired." Well, maybe that'll help?

Followup: Started a new game, to check, and no, it's broken again. So, a bug in the game.

Finally grabbed Just Cause 4, because there was a sale, and I've been playing it. Made significant progress... except one of the area-unlock missions seems to be bugged, and I can't actually start it. If I track it, it just says 'Return to Aeropuerto Scramble", but the marker doesn't function and the building is a husk.

Sooo... might need to start over from the beginning? Not going to happen soon. :P

"Confirmed. The repeating fast radio bursts from space is a message."
"What does it say?"
"We don't know."
"Who sent it?"
"We don't know."
"Should we reply?"
"It was sent 1.5 billion years ago. They're dead."
"So what do we do?"
"Remember them."
"But we don't know them."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

proposed laptop sticker, boost if you think it's worth me tidying up and printing #serverless #snark

Given that it’s already mid January, and I have neither ideas nor money, I don’t think I’m going to be throwing a big party for my 42nd.

“Stop filling up your tonsil-holes.” “Title of your...” “NO. Stop. Joke done.”

There have been twenty three “title of your sex tape jokes” made SO FAR during this dinner that has lasted maybe ten minutes.

Actual code found in an enterprise product. 😩

function nonDestructiveSave(result) {
//for now use destructiveSave
//TODO: replace with non-destructive save

The internet used to be a city: it had its weird bohemian districts, its flea markets, its high-rises and back alleys. Now it's just a shopping mall, and I miss my old city so much

I bought protestphone.com at the start of the Trump administration, on the thinking that a service that can provide semi-anonymized phone rentals to people engaging in protests would be a good and useful thing. But protesting doesn't seem nearly as popular now as it did then. Maybe that's just the media not bothering to cover it, but I suspect it also has a lot to do with outrage burnout.

[considers setting it not to autorenew]

Are there any _tools_ for managing mastodon instance blocks and blocklists? I'm imagining something that knows about the most popular lists, and will let you just checkbox the ones you want to block too. There are enough out there now that the idea of trying to manage the list manually is disheartening.

Clacks hasn't needed to block any instances _yet_, but I imagine it's going to happen and I'd prefer to be in front of it rather than playing catch-up.

Ok, I bought a tv. This was probably a mistake, because now I have to uninstall the old one and install the new one and I have a bad back.

Tomorrow is the twenty year anniversary of me moving to Seattle.

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