Is anybody currently selling something like the Manga Screen 2? I’ve got one, kinda need a second. Or two functionally-equivalent items.

Is the Apollo 11 Relived twitter account mirrored anywhere on the fediverse? Would love to follow it here instead.

This is white supremacy. If you're a tech leader or publication promoting or amplifying it on your platform without calling it out directly, you're complicit

“As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a senior dev.”

First day at work report: laptop mostly configured. First pull request is up, tho with a little more work to do.

I've decided to become a "Pepsi Still Has a Secret Navy" truther.

I'm often astonished anew at how some folks expect to benefit from others' labor with no complaint, opinion, or politics from the laborers themselves.

(pretty sure no such thing exists, so I'm currently ranking limbs in priority order)

Trying to figure out parking in downtown Bellevue that won't cost me multiple limbs NOR require me to hike halfway across downtown in our entirely-inappropriate-for-the-region summers.

Is reverse Satanic panic a thing?

Like, I’m deeply concerned that today’s youth won’t get into death metal and witchcraft?

Ok, that route is definitely not optimal. But I'm still here fifteen minutes early.

And so, of course, I'm ready to leave the house an hour before I need to.

boost if someone calling you a radical leftist is a compliment

Like, it wasn't working one moment, then pings started going thru another. Will try again next time I'm out of the house. (testing with phone by turning off wifi)

Huh. VPN seems to be working finally. Aaaand.... I don't know what I did. I changed the masq table, and it started working, but when I changed it back it still worked, so I don't think it was causative.

[sees ad on facebook for pill-management-and-dispensing machine] Me: "Neat. I could absolutely use something like that." [visits website] site: "sorts and dispenses a month’s supply of 10 different medications" [laughs out loud for about a minute]

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