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My resume is available at, and I've [sigh] recreated my linkedin account.

Kinda wish I hadn't spent so much money upgrading the physical hardware of the machine. Otherwise I'd have no qualms with yanking the drives into an external sata array and building a nice new mini-itx box to mount them.

Kind of at a loss as to what to do. I can't really work on the physical hardware where it's at, I'm not physically capable of moving it right now and have nowhere to move it to at the moment. The only things it's the sole repository of are my media library and my personal blogs. I can live without the media indefinitely, but I feel bad about the blog being down.

Oh, even better. The second system hard drive, part of the raid-mirror system disc, is detected as being 16K in size and has been dropped from the raid. what the actual fuck?

Oh, great. My file server doesn't see any of the raid drives attached. Neat.

I _hate_ live-coding interviews, however nice the tools.

"Write this function."
"Ok, now can we make it NOT O(n^2)?"
"Yes, we can. But my normal process would be to walk away for a few minutes, and let my subconscious figure out the painfully obvious solution, but I can't do while you're waiting on the phone."

Where did this term 'Staff Software Engineer' come from? I don't remember ever seeing it last time I was on the job market. It _sounds_ lower level than, say, 'senior software engineer' or 'software architect', but it _seems_ to mean 'software principal'.

Every once in a while I like to check my insurance claims info, to see what insurance is (or claims to have been) paying for my insulin.

The last 90-day refills of my tresiba and humalog work out to $74,688 per year if uninsured.

I’m out of the ER. Two liters of saline to get me rehydrated. Anti-nausea scrips in hand.

Skipping a party I’d been rather looking forward to. Overdid it today and I’ve got nothing left. Tired of this.

Nope, that definitely hit harder than it should have.

Nice that they didn't leave me hanging, at least.

Writing a quick Perl script to debug some shell initialization so I can give priority to the right Python environment.

Wisdom is just accumulation of scar tissue.

(basically, it's a spinner version of the site logo, and I'd like to just use one file and toggle the state rather than toggling between two copies of the image)

Say I've got an SVG with embedded css to animate some of the bit. Is there a reasonable cross-browser way, when it's included on a page (NOT inline), FROM the including page, to toggle the animation on and off (eg, add/remove a class from the <g> or call an embedded js function or something)? Googling has turned up several answers that don't actually work, and nothing that does.

Just yesterday I had enough people ask me about my availability for the rest of the week that I went and signed up on calendly. If I'm lucky, this will mean I immediately never need to use it.

Well, I _think_ that interview went okay. But I've thought that about other interviews. Excuse me while I stress out for a bit.

Always fun to find a company that's looking to pay once and get two jobs worth of work out of someone.

Oh, don't think I reported it here: while Cigna denied the MRI, I at least have an appointment this friday with the physical medicine department. We'll see what they suggest. I'd really love to find an actual, y'know, _solution_, so we can stop just covering up the symptoms with drugs. I've actually been worried I'm making things worse by walking around and such, and just can't feel it.

I'm starting to worry that this back thing might be what pushes oxycodone into the no-op category for me. It's been losing effectiveness for two decades, and while it's still working, it doesn't seem to be working as well as I'd expect. I actually considered taking a second dose mid-day yesterday.
Damnit, I really don't want to graduate to something stronger. ::/

I don’t remember ever seeing Bill Nye swear before. I quite enjoyed it.

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