A'ight, I'm done with AMD. Just spent an hour tryin to get Oort up and running again, and newer ubuntus just Do Not Like It.

Time to build a replacement. Sigh.

Considering calling Hulu to demand a refund for the ‘no commercials’ fee I’ve been paying, since I’ve yet to watch a single damned thing that doesn’t have ads.

If you're going to post a screenshot to a f'ing social media post, INCLUDE THE ORIGINAL GODS DAMNED URL. I don't care what site it came from I don't care what site you're posting on, IT'S BASIC FUCKING ATTRIBUTION AND VALIDATION.

Benefit of not having a housemate sleeping above my office: I can listen to my music as loud as I can stand.

🎶 As the radioman says ♩ It is 5 am ♩ And the sun has charred the other side of the world and come back to us ♩ And painted the smoke over our heads an imperial violet 🎶

Yes, I will totally oversimplify the extinction story of a famous species just to make a point about my feelings for a political party.

Medisafe seems like a great app, but it just can’t represent my pill schedule properly. Ah well.

For the first 12 hours or so after I wash it, I spend way to much time touching my hair.

Sorry, failed to note. I'm home, as of yesterday. Off the insulin pump for the time being, and injecting way too little. Running high as a result, with the associated annoyances. Seeing endo on Thu, to work out a new plan.

Yes, I’m in ICU again. No, it’s not for the same thing. Quite the opposite. Low blood sugar with complicating very-low blood pressure and loss of consciousness. Fun shit. Nurse here is much more solicitous of my comfort and mobility than the ones on first hill. Not that they were bad. She’s just better.

So, exciting new experience: low blood sugar compounded by dangerously low blood pressure. Am in ER. Again.

Had my first ambulance ride, tho.

Called to cancel xfinity service. Easy peasy.

Called to cancel TiVo service. Told five minute wait. 5m later, told ten. 10m later told fifteen.

Thinking they burned their chance to talk me out of it.

Who needs an expensive massage chair when you’ve got a loveseat and an expensive subwoofer?

Some might say it’s too loud.

They’re wrong.

I’ve got the house entirely to myself until at least 1700 tomorrow. So I immediately started blasting Taylor Swift on the entire Sonos setup. Like you do.

(Using a freestyle libre as a stopgap until the G6 hardware arrives)

Doesn’t matter how used I am to stabbing myself, a new place or a new device, much less both at once, is Really Difficult.

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